Learn a little bit about me

As a kid, I was always looking for any opportunity to read – under the covers in bed, in the car, and in class using the book hidden in the textbook trick (you know you’ve done it!). When Dad introduced me to sci-fi/fantasy through a book of short stories from Astounding Stories, the possibilities in every word captivated my interest and my daydreams involved other worlds, magical powers and time travel. Stories permeate my life from my multiple Alice in Wonderland tattoos to the names of my cats (Atticus, Boo Radley, and Finch, to name a few).  

I write books about the hidden worlds behind everyday life. Does that shadow hide a monster? Does that alley lead to another world? Does that woman’s hat hide horns? Does that kid’s baggy coat cover wings?

Though my books are considered young adult, adults enjoy them too. I hope you do too